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About me

Hi friends,
I am Sampath Raj Rao, giving you a warm welcome to my virtual world.
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For stereophiles

Are you a stereophile? Yes or no, but I am one, yup I am a lover of music and used to love the way the music mixes and moves from one side to another.
I have experienced a lot in converting my room into a music world. Are you eager to know about it?
Do you want to assemble a home theatre for yourself at a cheap expense?
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Have you ever felt the thundering effect that shakes your seats in the theatre? Haven't you wondered how those speakers make such effects? What is there inside those boxes? Find them all here, a mini article by me on loudspeakers and try doing one for yourself as I did.
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After reading these articles are you amused how those small satellite speakers that come in Home theatre in box emit fine effects?
Here is an article on how HTB works and a few more tips for placing your speakers in your music world.
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My project

Here is a report on my DIY project of building a Bass Reflex 3-way Stereo Speakers.
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Hi folks,
Here are some products that I have designed and these products can be used by anyone.
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AGS refers to Arithmetic and Geometric Solutions.
This calculator was the first product designed by me in 2007 to calculate area and volume of various geometric shapes, convertion calculator of units, banking calculations and also a simple calculator. and this is the 3rd version of the calculator that has been modified to be accessable and a new service on stock analysis being included.
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FASE refers to Fundamental Analysis for Stock Exchange.
This tool assists the stock holders or purchaser to analyse the status of the company while stock transactions.
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HIE refers to Household Income and Expenditure.
This tool assists in computing the total domestic income and expenditure and provides a report after analysis.
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SBDC refers to Speaker Box Dimension Calculator.
This product assists music enthusiast to build his speaker box based on the golden ratio.
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The 2wcc refers to 2-Way Crossover Calculator.
This product assists the music enthusiast in building his own first order Butterworth crossover network for a two way speaker.
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The 3WCC is a product that assists the speaker builders to design their own first order Butterworth crossover network for 3-way speakers.
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image of Unitee Education Club

This website is designed as a virtual institute where one can explore his inborn potentialities and develop his skills so as to make one reach his destiny.

Our aim is to make you understand yourself better and make you decide your path in education and career and flourish in life.
By understanding your aptitude you can take the apt education discipline and move further towards your desired occupation and establish your skills to the best extent.

Thus this site is named as VIRTUAL INSTITUTE OF HUMAN POTENTIAL EXPLORATION AND SKILL DEVELOPMENT and here I have decided to have some tools and articles that helps in exploring oneself and move further in developing their skills, tips for attending interviews, group discussions and so on.

Here are some short messages that might motivate you.

What is an interview? what are the skills and qualities that the interviewer look for? What are the ways to lead to success in a interview?
Find all here by reading this article on Success in interview.

Are you scared of interviews? wants some tips for attending an interview? what to do and what not to do in an interview? What the interviewer expects? How to behave in an interview, then go through this article on Preparing for and attending an interview.

What is a group discussion? What are the factors to be considered? what should the discussants keep in mind while discussing? what else about GD? read this article on Group Discussion.

Today its time to work in teams and groups, each one of us is unique and have varying attitudes and thoughts, how to overcome them at workplace? How to build and maintain an effective work relationship at workplace? Find it here at Establishing an effective working relationship with others

stress!!! a often hearing word? threatening you too? learn all about stress, its causes, its effects and also the ways to reduce and manage stress and use the tips at right time. Read the article on Stress management.

Today the life has become very complex. We are suppose to do a lot of tasks within a stipulated period. Are you one among those perplexed about how to perform your tasks? Do you feel TIME is a barrier? Then, here is a solution, a article on Time management.
Read and follow Techniques, tools and tips for time management.

Theories of intelligence

There are many views regarding what constitutes intelligence. Different psychologists have given different view points and formulated their own theories of intelligence. Some important such theories are as follows:

Read more about Intelligence and Theories of Intelligence here.

Theories of Vocational Guidance

Here are some prominent theories that assist one in understanding the facts underlying in vocational choice making and in providing guidance.

Tools for assessment

Want to test your basic english grammar skills, then take up this online test of 10 minutes and find your basic ability in English grammar.

As my virtual institute is in its intial stage it might look vague, but Rome was not built in a day and so shall be my institute too, but shall promise to soon build to the best and hope donors to donote articles and tools related to this site that can be legally displayed. You can send me such articles or tools by clicking here.

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